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Gibson Guitars Take a Sustainable Turn with Richlite Fretboards

Progress has always experienced difficulty in the face of tradition. Many new developments, from instant replay in baseball, to digital cameras in cinema have faced opposition from purists who need little other argument than “this is the ...

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Cork as a Building Material: A History

Today we’re going to spend some time paying homage to one of our favorite raw materials at Eco Supply: cork. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, a medium sized evergreen that grows predominently in southwest Europe. The tree is ...

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Grow Fresh Food In Your Home With the Grove Ecosystem

At a time when locally sourced, organic food is growing in popularity, it’s easy for voices to get lost in the chatter surrounding a topic that deserves this increasing attention. That being said, some ideas are so innovative that they ...

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Husdon Woods uses Richlite Rainscreen on Tree House

The Hudson Woods Tree House is a perfect example of a company utilizing the eco-friendly, long lasting products we distribute at Eco Supply, in a creative and fun way. This new take on an old concept combines sound modern design, with a ...

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Richlite Rainscreen on Harley Davidson in Massachusetts

Studio Troika completed their Harley Davidson project earlier this year, and WOW it looks GREAT! Richlite Rainscreen was used to accent the building with Harley's signature edgy look, while still using green building materials.

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