In the heart of Brooklyn, Token has been making waves in the design industry by ingeniously incorporating Richlite, a sustainable material made from recycled paper, into their Tea Collection. Inspired by the tranquil aesthetics of Japanese Tea Houses, or Chashitzu, these furniture pieces represent a harmonious blend of American hardwoods, steel, and Richlite, showcasing Token's commitment to sustainability without compromising on durability and design.


Token's Tea Stools and Chairs are not only a testament to the company's innovative approach to furniture design but also reflect a deep reverence for the meticulous craftsmanship found in traditional Japanese tea houses. These spaces, known for their serene and contemplative ambiance, influenced the design philosophy behind the stools and chairs, resulting in pieces that evoke a sense of calm and simplicity.


At the core of Token's design is Richlite, an incredibly durable material known for its environmental benefits and aesthetic versatility. Made from layers of recycled paper that are compressed and baked to create a solid sheet, Richlite offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional materials without sacrificing strength or beauty. Its inclusion in the Tea Stools and Chairs not only enhances the furniture's sustainability profile but also introduces a modern texture and color palette that complements the natural wood and metal elements.


Token's choice of materials speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship. By integrating Richlite, a material that repurposes waste into something both functional and beautiful, Token aligns itself with a growing movement towards environmental responsibility in the design world. This commitment is further demonstrated through the meticulous construction of each piece, where traditional woodworking techniques meet modern manufacturing processes to create furniture that is both durable and elegant.


Photo by Alex Staniloff

The Tea Stools and Chairs have found a prominent place in several Momofuku restaurants across New York City, where they contribute to the dining spaces' innovative and inviting atmospheres. This partnership not only highlights the furniture's appeal to contemporary commercial spaces but also serves as a testament to its practicality and durability in high-traffic environments.


Photo by Gabby Frank

Token's integration of Richlite into their Tea Stools and Tea Chairs is a shining example of how modern materials can be harmoniously blended with traditional design principles to create sustainable, durable, and beautiful furniture. The success of these pieces in both commercial and residential settings underscores the potential for innovative materials like Richlite to redefine our approach to sustainable design and craftsmanship. As Token continues to explore the possibilities of modern materials, their work not only enriches our spaces but also contributes to a more sustainable future.


Token is a New York-based furniture design studio known for its engaging forms, luxury materials, and the integration of traditional techniques with modern design. The studio is led by Will Kavesh and Nicole Cornell, who are passionate about blending sculpture, design, and engineering. Their work has gained recognition in prominent publications like The New York Times and Vogue. All pieces are designed and crafted in their Brooklyn studio, offering collaborations with designers and architects to tailor each piece to specific requirements. To learn more about their vision and creations, you can visit their website here.

Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Stool Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail
Token Tea Chair Detail

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