The atrium of the recently built SUNY Upstate Medical building spans 3 floors.  The main architectural feature is composed of vertical "fins" of varying height, width and spacing.


The complexity of the design and installation process, typical laminated wood products could not offer the warranted stability or performance specifications.  Some of these "fins" spanned up to 34' in length and spanned all 3 floors. 


3/4" Richlite R100 was laminated with Maple HPL on one face and White HPL on the other face and edge banded with Maple.  The panels were laminated using polyurethane glue then CNC machined to specification.


Because of the fastening and installation requirements, Richlite was chosen as the core material for these components because of its incredible strength, mach inability and stability.....Richlite simply does what no other wood panel product can do!  Our EcoCuts service division was thrilled to project manage this innovative design and work with one of the regions most influential firms.

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