The Baggu Flagship Store in New York City was a recent project that we had the pleasure of working on with designer Tommy Haddock from Haddock Studio. As stated on Haddock's website, the project aimed to create a space that reflected Baggu's mission to provide functional, sustainable and renewable products, all while fostering a sense of community and comfort for customers.


Suberra High Density cork is dense, lightweight, and anti-bacterial. It is made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork grain, sourced from excess cork bark used in the wine industry to make bottle stoppers. Suberra's closed cell structure is impermeable and non-porous, resists water and stains, and inhibits bacterial growth, while also being heat resistant to 350° F and having a Class B fire rating.


Haddock Studio utilized Suberra High Density Cork to create modern solid forms to be used as retail displays, a material that Tommy praised for its sustainability and work-ability. Working closely with the clients and fabricators, Haddock Studio designed not only the space itself, but also all of the cork fixtures and displays - a complex and impressive undertaking.


While this is not Tommy's first experience using Suberra cork for custom millwork (see related links below), we were thrilled to learn that Tommy had a positive experience working with EcoSupply and our products. Tommy & Haddock Studio have plans incorporate Suberra cork fixtures future Baggu stores.


Overall, we believe that the Baggu Flagship Store is an exceptional example of how natural, renewable materials like Suberra Cork can be used to create stunning retail displays that are both functional and sustainable, while also reflecting a brand's values and ethos.


All Images by Dean Kauffman


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