Madison Square Garden is one of the most iconic venues in the world and its halls have been home to some of the most unforgettable sporting events and concerts. EcoSupply provided Richlite paper composite panels that were used to create the screen-printed signage that adorns the walls of MSG.

Richlite Signage at Madison Square Garden 1

The panels were chosen for the job due to their durability, which is essential for frequently used high-traffic areas. This composite material is made from recycled paper fibers and eco-resins, making it a sustainable choice for the project.

Richlite Signage at Madison Square Garden 2

The screen-printed signage is an excellent example of how Richlite paper composite panels can be used in creative ways. This material is quickly becoming a popular choice for interior design projects because of its versatility and its potential to reduce carbon footprints. EcoSupply's Richlite paper composite panels have done a great job of bringing life to the hallways of Madison Square Garden.

Richlite Signage at Madison Square Garden 3


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