After months of development and curation, our design and engineering teams are delighted to introduce our new TEKSTUR® Spring 2022 pattern designs!

Tekstur Spring 2022 Pattern Release Swatches

Pictured Above: 12" x 12" swatches of our three new patterns. Actual panel size is 48" x 120"

Pattern Design

Each TEKSTUR® pattern has its own magic; enticing to the eye, they invite you to touch and engage with the design, creating a memorable space.

Many of our TEKSTUR patterns -- especially the new Spring 2022 offering -- play with the light’s reflections, creating pattern-fields that dance. These softly shifting patterns makes a visually delightful moment out of what would otherwise have been just another standard architectural surface.


Tekstur A1 in Ebony 101 with Planter

Proven Durability

The remarkable durability of our TEKSTUR® panels is primarily a function of the material from which they are created: these FSC® certified** materials are impervious to water and highly impact resistant…even prior to carving the pattern.

Tekstur C1 in Soft White 410 in Heathcare Scene

Our smallest TEKSTUR® options are even better at hiding damage: many of these patterns literally carve off the entire surface of the material in their fabrication, leaving absolutely no flat exposed surface on the panel’s face -- so any irregularities created through extreme abuse will be virtually invisible.

**The material for colors 101 thru 107 is always FSC Certified®, the remaining colors’ materials are able to be special ordered with an FSC® certification.

Our Process

When creating a new collection of TEKSTUR® patterns, our staff designers, architects, and CNC engineers process data from past projects, input from our A&D customers, and internal design critiques. This makes our vetting process for every new pattern quite thorough for both aesthetics and durability.

Often starting from simple napkin sketches as well as historical research of classic design, we begin the process with over a dozen design concepts. We then debate intentions and themes while drawing and reviewing progressive 3D prototypes and finally producing physical samples (created on EcoCut’s large-bed CNC routers).

Tekstur Engineer with CNC Machine

Pattern scale and tooling are a prime consideration during this process, keeping our customer’s costs down while maintaining the durability and design language for which TEKSTUR® is known.

Upon reaching consensus on a curated set of pattern designs, our team begins creating graphics and visuals, support materials and promotional samples for official release.

Get Pattern Samples

All new Spring 2022 TEKSTUR® pattern samples are available for immediate shipment in Ebony 101 and Soft White 410, our two most-specified colors. Samples in all other colors are made-to-order, and normally require a short lead time to produce and ship.


Tekstur B1 in Greige 868 in Living Room Scene
Simple Repetition. Simple Specification. Proven Durability.

We’re truly proud of this latest offering of TEKSTUR® patterned panels – they’re both resilient and handsome, offering long-term protection as well as a beautiful, subtle decorative surface that will delight the eye and withstand decades of abuse.

Custom patterns and branding/logo inquiries are always welcome.

We look forward to working with you!

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After months of development and curation, our design and engineering teams are delighted to introduce our new TEKSTUR® Spring 2022 pattern designs!
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