1x4, Random lengths 3’-9’

Material is surfaced to 7/8” x3.5” wide, all 4 edges rolled with ¼” Radius.  We can surface thinner than 7/8” but not thicker.  We can also eliminate the rolled edges or add a groove for deck clips, Ipe Clips or other hidden fastening systems.

You can order a mix of lengths to maximize yield.  For example, if your best yield utilizes 12’ lengths, you can order 5’ and 7’ lengths to make up the 12’ .

The species we sell is FSC certified Burmese Teak, grown on plantations in Costa Rica and Colombia.  Trees mature at 18-22 years.  It is less dense than old growth Burmese teak, but testing has concluded equal performance.

We stock a few containers worth in Richmond Virginia.  There is 23,940 lft in a 20’ container (roughly 7000 ft2).  Shipping and brokerage would be $2500-$3000 from Mexico, Columbia or Costa Rica on a container order.  Lead time is 4-6 weeks from Colombia.

Our teak is flitch sawn, not quarter sawn.  If left unfinished it will weather to silver grey in roughly 6 months.  If the golden brown teak color is preferred, then use standard yacht bright work finishing techniques and products.

Image below: two years of weathered patina typical of teak.

closeup of a weathered grey teak decking samples


Teak decking basic information

This article gives you a rundown on the sizes and attributes of our 1x4 teak decking program.

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Teak decking basic information