Eco Supply’s FSC Teak Butcher Block material is made from sustainably harvested Burmese teak.  The teak trees are grown on FSC plantations owned and managed by Proteak, a public company listed on the BMV (Mexican Stock Exchange). 

The trees do not need fertilizer or irrigation, grow to 18-22 on plantations in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia.  The distinct graining and color of the heartwood and sapwood combine to give our Teak butcher block a rich aesthetic.  Considered the “gold standard” of wood, the natural properties of teak inhibit degradation from water or UV exposure.

 At 1 ¾” thick, this material will provide high performance and a luxury feel to any countertop, kitchen Island, bartop, restaurant table or worktop surface.  To read more about Proteak’s sustainability initiatives click on this link:

 Proteak's Sustainability Statement

Our teak butcher block comes in a variety of widths and up to 96" long.  The lead time will be longer for longer blanks.  Please call me for more information at 804-414-1883.

Teak butcher block now available at EcoSupply

Our new teak butcher block counter tops are made in house and to your specification.

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Teak butcher block now available at EcoSupply