Chris Bennett from the Saratoga Springs area laminated 1/4" Richlite to a substrate.  He then glued the same material to the edges of the substrate and trimmed the deck back to the the edge using a flush trim bit and the Richlite edge as the guide.  A small seam remains a 1/4" below the deck and the edge of the Richlite on the deck is darker than the face material used on the drop edge.  This accentunates this type of drop edge that usually is mitered or stacked to eliminate any dual color edge.  Taking adavantage of the the two different tones, Chris beveled the counter at a 45 degree angle, accomplishing two things:  he hides any line or seam at the bottom of the bevel; and the bevel takes on the slightly darker edge tone of the Richlite making a nice detail.

richlite vanity edge detail

A quick trick for fabricating a budget Richlite vanity. Richlite's impact and heat resistance lends itself to this kind of application.
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