Rainscreen systems have become one of the most efficient solutions for exterior cladding. It provides numerous advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, avoiding thermal bridges and condensation problems.

The CUPACLAD® natural slate rainscreen system consists of a load bearing wall, a layer of insulation, an included metal extrusion system, and the natural slate material covering. This system creates an air cavity between the insulation and the slate.

CUPACLAD® systems offer a design adapted to every need, and are compatible with any type of insulating material.

Below are two videos explaining the installation steps for both the CUPACLAD® 101 series and the CUPACLAD® 201 series. The 101 series uses an invisible fixing system while the 201 series uses a visible fixing system.

Video 1: Installation of a slate rainscreen system with invisible fixings (CUPACLAD® 101 Logic)

Video 2: Installation of a rainscreen cladding with visible fixing (CUPACLAD® 201 Vanguard)

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