When you are a company that promotes sustainability and saving the environment on a daily basis, it's imperative to support the Global Climate Strike. Some of our team took to the streets with local youth, activists, and angry citizens. The rest stayed at the office but were there in spirit.

Climate Change Protesters

In Richmond, Virginia, the location of our headquarters, actually had two major demonstrations downtown:

Demonstration #1

Climate Change Protesters

At noon, the first demonstration started with grade school students (and supporters) marching out of class and into the streets. They held signs with various phrases and quips, chanting in unison statements of fighting back against those responsible for our climate changing.

Climate Change Protesters

The march ended at the Virginia Capitol Square, where a diverse group of speakers voiced their outrage, sadness, and hope to a vast crowd. After the speeches concluded, a smaller group of students marched to the front doors of Dominion Energy to protest both the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Both pipelines threaten various ecosystems, communities, and individuals in parts of Virginia and surrounding states.

Demonstration #2

Climate Change Protesters

The second demonstration was later in the day, comprised of many college students, local political and activist groups, and again, enraged citizens of the world. There were many familiar faces at the second demonstration. Already motivated protesters rallied at Monroe Park and were charged up even more by a passionate speech from Nicholas Da Silva, a local running for City Council.

Climate Change Protesters


Climate Change Protesters

The crowd, roused and ready-to-go, took over the street and began their March to city hall. Starting 30 minutes sooner than planned (because of the enthusiasm built), the crowd grew in size as the march progressed down Broad Street. The marchers helped direct blocked traffic but met with encouraging honks and shouting by many drivers.

When the protesters arrived at city hall, they took over the sidewalks, front patio, bus stations, and even spilled out into the street. Speakers gave messages of hope and solutions, sang songs, and the demonstration ended with a die-in.

Climate Change Protesters

We also had some of our New York team participate the Global Climate Strike alongside tens of thousands of New Yorkers:

It brings us great joy to see the youth of the world so pumped about fighting climate change. Their passion humbled us, and we look forward to the innovations and ideas they are working to enact.

What can you do to fight climate change?

Here's a short list of small things you can do in your daily life:

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Think globally, act locally. Your actions are needed in the fight against climate change. Can you think of any other things to do? Share them with us!

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